Amy and I were only dating about a week when I took her to Bug Out in Manassas, Virginia. When she saw the Karmann Ghias, it was love at first sight. How can you blame her, Ghias are the most beautiful body ever to wear a VW badge. So, we started searching for a Ghia of her own. Within a few months, we found this 1969 coupe and named her Karmann. It ran and drove nice and the paint was shiny. At seventeen years old, that’s all the criteria we needed.

Unfortunately, within a few weeks of ownership, Amy and I were rear ended hard while waiting to make a left hand turn across traffic. We walked away unhurt, but Karmann didn’t fair as well. The insurance money paid for the straightening and a complete repaint. Over the years, we continued to fix up the car with wheels, interior and a fresh engine. Amy even brought home a few awards from various car shows. After one of those shows, the Ghias transmission gave out. We were getting married shortly, and already had a couple of cars in our collection, so it was decided to park the Ghia until we had time to repair it. That was 18 years ago!!!

The time it took us to get back to this car was a blessing in disguise, as we now have the facility and the expertise to build Karmann into an outstanding car. Karmann is currently stripped to bare metal and we are starting to graft in the multiple repair panels needed to make the car solid. The plan is for a well-detailed resto-custom. Stock body and trim with the original Sunset Orange color. Hot-rodded engine with lowered suspension and Porsche wheels. Imagine an upgraded, sport edition of a 1969 Karmann Ghia. This is sure to be our highest quality project yet.

Stay tuned for updates…

Slow, but somewhat steady progress on Karmann.
The body, other than being mounted the new rotisserie hasn’t been touched. But the floor pan/chassis is completed. Features include a 2” narrowed front suspension with dropped spindles and Porsche pattern disc brakes. Out back, rear Porsche patterned drums, rebuilt axles and a Rancho transmission. The pan itself has four coats of POR epoxy paint, while all the suspension and brake pieces are powder coated. Stainless steel brake lines were installed before the Dynamat sound deadener went on. All new bushings, bearings, seals, and Boge shocks were secured with allenhead stainless hardware. The icing on the chassis cake is the set of restored original Fuchs wheels. This matched set of wheels are date-coded May of 1970, the same month and year I was born. We have 60 hours of labor just polishing and detailing the wheels.